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It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with candles. So obsessed, in fact, that we spend endless hours crafting incredible scents, gorgeous candle designs and a mind-blowing number of options to give, get and love – all so you can bring pure happiness into your home.

But we’re not just candle makers: we’re also super-fans. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons we love candles…and how they can instantly transform your house, your mood, maybe your entire life. (Yeah, that’s dramatic, but we did say we’re obsessed).

  1. They smell incredible

    A good-smelling candle is absolutely everything – they spread smiles across faces, inspire relaxing sighs and spark joy in a whiff. Plus, they literally come in every scent imaginable. So, if you’re craving an evergreen-scented candle: it’s out there. Campfire? Yep, better grab those s’mores! Ready to relax? A chill mood is minutes away.

    Did you know you can take zen from an eight to a 10 by getting a candle infused with aromatherapy essential oils? Choose a candle with lavender essential oils when you’re ready to relax, or ward off stress by lighting an option with eucalyptus essential oils. Just explore our aromatherapy collection for more mood-boosting power.

  2. They let you change the season in a snap

    Summer to fall? Winter to spring? No problem. We’re huge fans of lighting a candle for the season you need it to be. It’s basically the best reason to stock up on seasonal fragrances: they offer an escape from whatever the weather’s doing, without an expensive vacation to the other side of the planet.

    Looking for endless summer vibes? Think beaches and cocktails (cheers!). Ready to kick off the holidays a little early? The perfect Christmas candle is calling your name. Absolutely craving sweater weather? Light your favorite pumpkin candle, and grab a hot chocolate. Need a spring break, like, right now? Florals. Florals. Florals! Sure, it may be over 90 degrees outside (or snowing like crazy), but the right candle can transform your home in an instant.

  3. They spark instant memories

    No wonder so many people are obsessed with certain fragrances: scent is actually powerfully linked to your own personal memories. For example, that sweet cookie scented candle totally makes you think about baking with grandma, while an ocean-like fragrance reminds you of that fab beach vacation you took a few years ago. Holidays, birthdays, those unforgettable parties…they can all be conjured with a single scented candle. And with so many options, it always feels like a total win when you find the one that’s so you. (Hello, love at first smell.)

  4. They’re actually the best gift

    Everyone loves getting candles. Everyone loves giving candles. Basically, candles are life (told you we’re obsessed). From the perfect Mother’s Day treat to that last-minute White Elephant grab – universally, candles are a guaranteed win. Whatever the occasion, there’s a Bath & Body Works candle out there for everyone. Add a cute holder and ta-dah, you’re done!

  5. They’re the perfect décor addition

    Nothing’s more beautiful than a lit candle on the dinner table or a few placed around a bubbly bathtub. Amp up your home’s aesthetic with a standalone statement piece or a cluster of colorful single wick candles. Want to make your favorite candle into a centerpiece? Grab a candle pedestal, place your prized candle and decorate with smaller tea candles, faux flowers, branches or pinecones and mwah, perfection! Honestly, candles fit any room of the house – we dare you to see how many you can place. (Pro-tip: pick up different candle holders for each season, so your décor is always on point.)

Bonus: They’re great for upcycling.

That’s right, crafty friends! Don’t throw away those finished candle jars…use them for literally anything. A cup for your makeup brushes. Need something to hold hair bands, bobby pins, tiny knickknacks, cotton balls, tea bags…and whatever else you think of? These goodies have your back. Use the glasses as drinkware, an adorable flower vase or start a succulent terrarium. Paint the outside of the glass or wrap them with ribbon for some extra design points.