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Zesty. Uplifting. Refreshing. Like the world’s coolest iced tea on the hottest day, there’s nothing better than a citrus scent for summer. They perfectly match the season’s beachy vibes, warm breezes, nights out on the patio and every get together you’re going to attend (or host). Full sail ahead, here are four reasons why you need some citrus notes this season.

  1. They’re super refreshing.

    Like the first lick of a popsicle, citrus scents instantly cool things around them to the perfect level of summer chill. The acidic components of fruits like lemons and oranges actually make your mouth water – and while you’re obviously not tasting the scent, that cool, invigorating spirit comes through and helps you cool down. So, whether you’re spritzing a tart and citrusy fine fragrance mist or grabbing a glass of lemonade, you’ll be refreshed in no time.

  2. They scream sunshine.

    If you’re like us, you probably think of this tart fragrance family as bright, cheerful and an absolute treat. But it also captures some of the most summery moments around: the joyfulness of warm sun rays, the brightness of lemon-colored decor, the tartness of lime-based cocktails and the zest of orange scents. It even brightens things up in combo with other notes, like flowers. A great example of a fragrance that blends well with it is Orange Ginger – it’s a fresh scent with just enough citrus to bring in the sunshine, along with the beauty of its other notes. They transport you someplace bright. The best example? A Kitchen Lemon hand soap. With just 20 seconds of handwashing, this scent transports you to a mini-vacation – think something like a relaxing day poolside (or lakeside. Or any other destination). Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and enjoy the refreshing air.

    P.S. For constant, always-on, lemony-goodness, shop the rest of the Kitchen Lemon collection. Your home is only a few steps away from a citrus summer paradise.

  3. They go great with other summery scents.

    Can we start by saying that when you pair any fruity fragrance with a citrus note you get magic? Summer is the season of fresh strawberries, tart raspberries and juicy watermelon – so nothing says warm weather more than a crisp, fruity, citrus number.

    And the options don’t stop there. Citrus treats paired with something sweet make a mouth-watering combination...think something like a tasty lemon pound cake. We also love mixing fragrances with citrus and tropical fruits, like pineapples and coconuts...they’re great for when you’re in a Caribbean mood. Another favorite: adding some lime or orange in a salty, seawater fragrance. Hello, boat vibes. We’ve even blended fresh scents, like linen or cotton, with a cool citrus note to get the ultimate refreshing goodie.

    Ready for sunshine and citrus (in both body care and home fragrance)? Shop it all right here.