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Hand Cream

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About Hand Creams From Bath & Body Works

Our Bath & Body Works hand creams are magic in a tube and we’ll tell you why! They smell amazing, deliver hyper-hydrating moisture and they’re the perfect travel size – so you can keep you’re your faves ready to use anytime.

Ready for your hands to feel oh-so-smooth, incredibly moisturized and nourished in a instant? Well, it all starts with the right ingredients. Shea butter is packed with moisture and melts into the skin super-fast, so your hands won’t feel heavy or greasy during the day. While shea butter works its magic, vitamin E hydrates your hands, creating a healthy glow.

Now we got the main ingredient, hydration done, on to everyone’s favorite part, Bath & Body Works fragrances! Our hand creams come in all of the classic scents you know and love, plus a ton of new fragrances you haven’t met yet. Fresh florals, exotic spices, tangy citruses, fresh baked sweets and more – there’s a scent for every day, every mood and everyone. Don’t forget to stock up - you never know when you could use a little moisture.

Create the perfect pair with a matching fine fragrance mist or body lotion to keep you smelling fresh and beautiful all day long. Did we mention our hand creams make the best gifts for your best people? Well now you know.