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Skin Care Routine For Your Body


About Body Care from Bath & Body Works​

What’s the difference between lotions, scrubs, creams, mists, oils and where do we start? we get it, body care can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a step-by-step skincare guide (and some fabulous products) to get you started:

It all starts with exfoliation. Our Bath & Body Works body scrubs buff away dead skin (and bad moods), leaving you soft, hydrated and prepper for the rest of your body care routine.

Next, get into the cleansing mood with a dreamily scented body wash or shower gel. From floral to fresh, citrusy to warm, you’ll find the perfect wake-up call…No morning blues in this household!

Your skin is now ready for some moisture with either a body cream or body lotion. Before you throw your arms up in frustration, we know you’re asking: what’s the difference? Our body lotions made with fluffy clouds of soft and creamy shea butter and vitamin E. Our body cream is also super-hydrating, but with a lush mix of glow-giving coconut oil, and luscious, to-die-for cocoa butter. They both leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous, without feeling oily or heavy. Stay hydrated in the humidity!

We’ve saved the best for last. It’s time to indulge! Add a lip gloss or balm to your routine to keep your lips soft. Finish off the process with a spritz of your favorite fine fragrance mist to complement your mood. We suggest the Bath & Body Works Body Mist Beautiful Day.

Want to spend a chill, pampering night in? Perfect! Light your favorite Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle, grab a matching (or completely different!) bubble bath or bath fizzie (Like bath bomb, just as fun!) and soak up some suds.

Explore more body care and skincare routine products made for specifics: like Aromatherapy, foot care or hand care.