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About Candles from Bath & Body Works

Want to take a visit to the mountains? Or maybe pick tropical fruits on a sunny day? Whatever your fantasy, Bath & Body Works candles will transport you there instantly without ever leaving your home!

Why 3-wicks? So you can get more for your buck! That’s why we call them the World’s Best 3-Wick Candles. Soy-based and up to 45 hours of room-filling fragrance from ceiling to curtain, these jars of magic have over 50 scents to choose from will have all the compliments rolling in!

Have a small room that needs some fragrance goodness…or want to give a totally new scent a try? That’s where our single wick candles come in. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else that needs a boost, these scented candles fill up the room with major fragrance…even though they come in a smaller package.

Want a candle that works a little harder at calming your nerves? We swear by our aromatherapy candles for a little end-of-the-day relaxation. Just light up and let the relaxation kick in.

Pro tip: candles also make incredible gifts, so stock up on a few of your loves to keep in your gift closet. You never know when those occasions might pop up. Bonus points if you pick out a candle holder or accessory to throw in the package (or just for yourself).