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About Gentle Foaming Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works

What’s tough on dirt and germs, gentle on your hands and smells amazing? You guessed it: Bath & Body Works gentle foaming hand soaps! Just a few pumps and your hands are super-soft all day.

Keep a bottle of hand soap in your kitchen or anywhere else you may need to wash up. Filled to the top with good-for-your-skin ingredients, like vitamin E (hello, moisturizing antioxidants), nourishing shea extract, natural essential oils and super-soothing aloe these rich, non-drying goodies are perfect for everyone. They even help maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier. And don’t even get us started on germs, they wash away with just 20 seconds of handwashing.

Plus, we love stocking up on different scents throughout the year, so your hands always smell like the current season. Fresh flowers in spring? Yes! Beachy vibes for summer? Of course. Everything apples and pumpkins in fall? Check, check. Winter pines and spices calling your name? We got you! And for all you fragrance rebels? Permission to put out fall scents in spring.

Gentle foaming hand soap just not cutting through the daily grime? Try our exfoliating hand soap, blended with super-smooth vitamin E to gently buff dull skin. Hands too dry? Add some extra hydration with our nourishing hand soap, packed with skin-loving ingredients. (Psst. We just added gentle gel hand soaps to our collection.)

By the way: all experts agree that adding a decorative soap holder to the hand wash on your sink is a complete décor win. There’s a holder for every style, so you seriously can’t go wrong.