Car Fragrance


About Car Air Fresheners from Bath & Body Works

Take the road trip of your dreams with your favorite Bath & Body Works fragrance! Our car fragrance refills and holders are the perfect way to take your mind on a journey wherever you feel like. You might even spend more time in your car!

Stuck in a jam? Work got you down? Just step into your car and take a deep breath! With aromatherapy fragrances from Bath & Body Works on board, you can relax a little bit more every time you inhale — regardless of how stressful things get. In full to brim with essential oils like spearmint and eucalyptus, you can improve your concentration, uplift your body, and focus your mind while you drive.

Just like how your perfume or lotions match your mood and style, your car can too! Add a pop of cuteness with we’ve got the fragrance holder! But, whatever style you choose, our car freshener holders radiate fragrance into your ride, so you can enjoy them on-the-go. Plus, with built-in clips, you can attach them to your air vent to waft your favorite scents quickly, or on your visor or seat pocket.