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Single Wick Candles

Single Wick Candles


About Single Wick Candles from Bath & Body Works

Tiny but mighty! But don’t let the size fool you, our smaller single wick candles don’t disappoint in a variety of cute packaging and a fragrance bomb in so many scents you’ll be spoilt for choice. Yup, the came fragrances you love from our our 3-wick candles. From sugary treats and zesty fruits to fresh summer scents and cozy fall favorites, the options are basically endless.

Did we mention they make the cutest gifts too? For a birthday, a thank you, or even just letting someone know they good people. They really do work for everything. Just add a candle holder or accessory and, ta-dah, the perfect present is ready.

We are obsessed with how cute and space saving our single-wick candles save you without losing its punch of fragrance.

We’re also obsessed with how much space our single wick candles save, without losing the impact of seriously cute Bath & Body Works packaging. They’re the perfect match for bathroom sinks, countertops, coffee tables, islands, that one corner of your room that needs a little something extra… basically anywhere!