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Body Lotion

Our Favourite ways to Moisturize


About Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works

Feeling sweet like a cookie? Or maybe you’re channeling fresh forest princess. We have a few (more like a TONNE) of amazing fragrances to help you add that pep in your step before you take on the day. Instant mood-lifter!

Obviously, body lotion has always been your staple (and ours, too), which is great because moisturizer is the last and an important step during your skincare routine. The lightweight formula keeps your skin super-smooth and locks in moisture for all-day hydration. Packed with a wonderful blend of hydrating vitamin E, skin-nourishing coconut oil and creamy shea butter, our 24-hour formula will have you feeling confident and easy all day long.

Always be prepped with some hydration! Before you start your morning or throughout those long office days. Did you know air-conditioning can strip your skin of moisture? Well, now you do! So, keeping some within reach can be super handy. Pro tip: Our travel-sized lotions are not just super cute, but handy when you need a hydration top-up!

we’re big fans of using our lotion at any time. At the office, lounging on the lake, just chilling at home…if your skin needs a blast of moisturizer, go ahead and spread that lotion. And pro-tip: while you’re running around, grab a travel size bottle of your fave lotion so you can stay super smooth on the go. We even have tiny, really cute shower gels, mists, body creams and hand creams to keep you in tip-top shape, no matter where you are..