Perfume & Cologne


About Perfume & Cologne From Bath & Body Works

We’re so happy to share our insanely gorgeous and scrumptious line of eau de perfumes and colognes we’ve ever made. We’ve put your favorite, iconic fragrances and scents into bottles, so you can spoil yourself and your loved ones.

Eau de perfumes sounds fancy, but it basically means it has a higher concentration of fragrance oils. This means that these luscious goodies are more intense and longer-lasting than their fine fragrance mist. counterparts. We believe you’ll find your signature scent with us.

For switching up your scents on the reg, grab a few of our super-luxe mini perfume sprays. They may be small, but these minis pack a powerful punch. Easy to travel with, you should always take some on the go. Vacation-approved and touch-up ready, it’s super easy to grab a ton of scents to stock up on and experiment with. You never know which fragrance is for you – maybe they all are!

By the way, we didn’t forget our men! Of course we have a men’s cologne collection. We created an extensive line of elegant and sexy fragrances that fit every lifestyle. With a scent for modern man, the sporty type, the ocean lover and more – there’s a cologne for every aesthetic. Hint, hint: Father’s Day.

Speaking of gifts, you’ve come to the right page. Don’t forget to grab a matching body wash or candle to go along with their new bottle of perfume or cologne. With pairs this perfect, no wonder we’re a fragrance expert.