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Gifts for Her from Bath & Body Works

Guess what? the perfect gift for her is just a few clicks away. There’s a gift for all the leading ladies in your life at Bath & Body Works - your sister or daughter, favorite teacher, girlfriend or wife.

A gorgeous and long lasting candle is the perfect gift for her. Valentine’s Day, her birthday, a bridal shower or just cause she’s special… there’s definitely a fragrance profile she’ll love. Secondly, candles transform the home in seconds and look amazing on the shelf – so she’s sure to show them off. Add a shiny gold candle holder or a sleek marble pedestal and it’s a win-win.

Does your girl love smelling amazing? Our Bath & body Works fine fragrance mist is just what she needs. Introduce her to her new signature scent for her birthday or for her to take with her on a memory-making vacation! We also recommend going the ultra-fancy route and spoiling her with an eau de perfume. These luxurious perfumes come in the most exclusive fragrances available, so she’ll always have a true signature scent. Plus, the bottles are so display-worthy that she’ll want to show them off everywhere. Spritz, spritz, smile.

Looking for more great ideas, especially for Mother’s Day? Explore body care: lotions and creams and scrubs – oh, my! Not to mention bath fizzies, bubble bath, shower gels and moisturizing body wash...there’s so much to choose from. Treat her to a spa day, without leaving the house. Don’t forget the sparkling rosé!